Frequently Asked questions

Some common questions we get asked

01Are you able to move to the location of the business?

While it is true that world has become a remote-friendly place and that many organizations prefer to have fully remote workforce, we are happy to move to the primary location of operations of the business. We have led our own companies through COVID19 work setups and have found our footing in remote work environments, but critical business decisions require an in-person approach and we will work with the business to derive the best arrangements to enable this. 

02How long will the acquisition process take?

Acquisition transactions happen around intense and high expectation environments. We understand that and will do everything to move swiftly to make our decision. With all information at our disposal, we expect the whole process to take between 2 to 6 months. For more details click here

03Are we not a good match if I don,t meet all of the criteria?

Not all business are the same and Search funds are built for flexibility. Having said that, we think disciplined assessment of a business helps in sustaining future growth. We strongly consider vertical SaaS companies with between $5 to $15Mn in ARR growing at 20+ % annually. Or your business has Supply Chain as a core differentiator with $1 to $5 Mn in EBITA with reasonable growth, we would love to chat.

04Can I continue in my position after the acquisition?

We have been a part of transactions where founders have signed up for "golden handshakes" that eventually work out well. At Braid however, we expect outright ownership and operational control of acquired company. If however you have some ideas to stay involved, we are all ears.

05What happens to the team & staff post acquisition?

We are empathetic former founders, where we ensured a team's safe landing post acquisition and we intend to follow in the same spirit. We are looking forward to the inspiring challenge of motivating your team. We will be accommodative of concerns on team and staff during diligence or transition period

06Can you share proof of funds?

Braid Capital is a traditional search fund that is well capitalized with the backing of some of the most established Search Fund Investors in the business. Our capital calls depend on the progress we make on LOI and diligence. If absolutely essential, we are happy to present a letter of support signed by our LPs