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Experience and Passion for building Businesses

Braid Capital was started by experienced founders, who have founded & built technology companies from the ground up. Entrepreneurship is deeply engrained in our team.  We know what it takes to build a profitable and durable business.

We understand if you are considering a change - we are here to help

Your Entreprneurial Journey

You have been working with your team, building out your product, the market and scaling your business for some time and something about this effort sets you apart.

  1. With hard work and dedication you have built your business, with little or no outside capital raise.
  2. Satisfied with the progress made so far, you are now ready to hand over the reins to the next generation.
  3. Something about your current options, whether it be Private Equity or Strategic (a.k.a Competitors or Contemporaries), doesn’t give you the conviction to sell to them.
  4. You care deeply about the organization you have built and want to see it operating in similar spirits. Ideally by a previous founder and experienced CEO.

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Braid Capital is based in the heart of Silicon Valley -  Sunnyvale California. Please feel free to drop in and meet us. Send us a message if you want us to get back to you.